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Let us restore your roof!

With our expert team and over 10 years experience, we will transform your roof to its original design or completely transform your roof to a new exciting colour range. With our skills, professional work ethic and our commitment to use only the industry-leading products, you can be confident in your investment in your roof restoration and the value it will add to your home.

Why Choose Roofing Restoration?

Your roof protects your family and your home from the harsh elements such as the sun, rain, wind, dust and even hail.  Without quality maintenance, you can experience cracks, broken tiles, lifted sheets or other issue that can weaken the structure and integrity of your roof and impact the appearance of your whole house.

Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough, and when your roof is showing signs of wear and tear that can’t be fixed by cleaning, roofing restoration is the best course of action before issues become a more significant problem.

Whether it’s for your residential or commercial property, and whether your roof is tin, tiled, slate, terracotta, concrete or a Colorbond roof, Newton Roofing Restoration will inspect your roof and give you our professional recommendation to repair, restore and return your roof to peak condition.

Aside from the peace of mind and protection that a restored roof can give, it can also add thousands of dollars to the value of your property.

What’s involved in a roofing restoration?

1. We ask you to request a free quote by filling out the form (or giving us a call on 0457 551 346) and providing important details about your roof.

2. We make an appointment at a convenient time to inspect your house to determine the roof’s condition, and the best course of action for your roofing restoration.

3. We provide a no-obligation quote.

4. Once you confirm that you would like to go ahead, we schedule the work (usually allowing approximately 3 days to complete the job – weather permitting).

5. We complete the roofing restoration (see here for the process).

6. We provide a 10 year warranty and the details of that warranty (including required maintenance programme).


Roofing Restoration Before and After


With every full roof restoration, you get:

  1. A 12 year paint warranty which is endorsed by Industrial Roof Coatings™ (Roof Protect)
  2. 10 year workmanship warranty (if there are faults/defects directly associated with the end-product will be remedied at the earliest convenience)
  3. 10 year maintenance programme which means you are required to get your roof soft washed (chemically cleaned, NOT PRESSURE CLEANED) by Newton Roof Cleaning ™ every 2.5 years (4 cleans in total to maintain your warranty). This is to maintain the look and integrity of the painted surface as well as eliminating any build-up or growth of mould, moss, lichen, fungi etc.

Newton Roofing Restorations™ will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof as well as clean gutters and solar panels (this is included in the price). The cost of this will be determined by the size of the roof at 50% off! For example, a roof that is approximately 300m2 which is a standard sized property, in order to maintain every 2.5 years would cost approximately $250 inc GST.

We guarantee peace of mind and you never having to go up on your roof for many years to come. Even if you are selling up and moving on, this warranty can be passed onto the new owners provided Newton Roofing Restoration™ are contacted and updated including a provisional inspection.

After years of research and many chemical applications, we know that in order to keep your roof looking like new and maintain integrity, our warranty guarantee is ensuring continued upkeep restoration appearance.

Acts of nature, rain, hail, fire, cyclones, earthquakes etc are not covered here forthwith in an instance of delays and/or complications and disruptions during execution of completing the restoration, as all restorations will resume with a view to complete the scheduled task at the earliest convenience of the business owner in agreement with the owner.

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Just want your roof cleaned? No problem!

Check out our partner company Newton Roof Cleaning. 

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Service excellent, product brilliant and overall just a great job, thanks Stephen and Co.

Darren P

May 2019

Absolutely no hassles at all, the lads did a great job and very professional from my point of view. “Five stars”

Nicole V

February 2019

Beautiful job on our home Stephen, you are a very pleasant man to deal with and it was wonderful how you handled our concerns. 

Catherine T

June 2016